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I made it cheaper than usual so maybe it will push people to buy it. (and you can only buy it here.)

I will be donating to the following for these reasons

National Alliance on Mental Illness

as someone with bpd, I really feel like people need to learn about what it is and they offer education programs for families, educators, and even the people with bpd (or any other illness) learn more about what it really is.

Many people are really dismissive about bpd or think we are inherently evil, but we are not. A lot of it stems from abuse and neglect.

I also really like this organization because it helps people who can't afford the help to ,,, well get help.

Help Pet Shelters

I have a deep love for animals! I like this organization because they give the donations to local pet shelters. As someone who has spent a long time volunteering at a pet shelter, I know this can be super helpful.


I'm also open to hearing suggestions! If you'd like you can send me a msg and tell me why you like the org and I will consider it.


Each order on charity items adds you to a raffle for free OF subs.

1st name drawn - 12 Months OF 

2nd name drawn - 6 months OF

For each month I will put your name into a raffle for buying ANY charity video! If you buy x amount of videos, your name will be entered x amount of times. The points WILL NOT carry over to the next month

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