Lifetime Snapchat!

Buying this grants you access to see my daily posts and a private story for people who buy this! My public is mostly just my pets and food. Once on a full moon, I might post a selfie. But for my private story? Let me get into it!


What should you expect on the private story? I will be posting lewds and behind the scenes stuff! There will be nudes, but do not expect up close coochie often). Silly little videos, teasing, and behind the scenes stuff. Yes, I must do the obligatory lip syncing to my music... I apologize in advance.

I won't be likely to post every day but I will post multiple times a week.


Rules! Make sure you READ THIS!!!

We won't have any problems if you follow the rules, it's very simple.

I will respond to most message but do not spam, I prioritize using my social battery for my loves on onlyfans. DO NOT send me dick pics, do not sext me, and do not screenshot!!! You MAY save the pic or video in OUR chat.


Okay, that's about it! Let's have some fun (:
Please leave your username in the checkout notes and expect an add from touchinguranus soon!

Lifetime Snapchat